SF Design Week

I've been interested in news and editorial design for a long time (text is my favourite medium), so when my friend asked me to lead the SF Design Week news site I jumped at the chance. The project was kicked off with a hope of keeping Design Week front of mind year round, and helping to support SF's position as a thought leader in design. My role, more specifically, was leading the design and implementation the site, someone else would be in charge of sourcing content.

The first part was just designing the reading experience, the landing page would come later. To do this I used Sketch to explore a few different ideas, focused on following best practices (font size, characters per line, etc) for a comfortable reading experience and staying on brand. This became the first version of the reading page. After that was out, the web full team started thinking about strategy going forward, and we decided to spin news out into it's own domain so that it could have it's own landing page. This lead to needing to re-build the article page and build a new home page.

I created the wireframes for the new news landing page, and then worked with a visual designer to finalise it. After that I did the wireframes and visual design for the article page again, focusing on clearer sharing call to actions and stronger branding. Once these were mostly fleshed out I started creating the template for Wordpress.

It should hopefully be launching soon, in the mean time you can take a sneak peak.

Skills Used

  • Wireframing
  • Pixel Perfect Mockups
  • Wordpress Templates
  • PHP
  • HTML
  • CSS

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