The Globemaster is an interactive globe that displays information about countries. The user selects a location by physically moving the globe. People who came by at the exhibition were really engaged with it and would drag their friends over.

We started out with brainstorming different ideas, and then moved on to sketching and story-boarding how people would interact with the globe. From there we created some prototypes of different aspects - some fake visualisations, and some different tables.I helped out with the initial ideation and table design. From there I was responsible for designing and coding the information display. I used Action Script 3 to connect to the Flickr and Google Maps APIs.

For the design we had some specific constraints. We were using a projector in a location with variable ambient light levels, so the design had to very high contrast. The resolution was only 800px by 800px, which meant keeping everything minimalist.

Skills Used

  • Teamwork
  • Visual Design
  • Action Script 3
  • flickr API
  • Prototype Building
  • Presentation Creation

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